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All You Need to Know About the Skoda Octavia Fatigue Monitoring System

All You Need to Know About the Skoda Octavia Fatigue Monitoring System
May 9, 2018 Mandurah Skoda

All You Need to Know About the Skoda Octavia Fatigue Monitoring System

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Fatigue monitoring systems are becoming more and more commonplace, but if you’re new to driver assistance technologies they can be a little confusing. So here we will explain all you need to know about this technology.

Why Fatigue Monitoring Systems Have Become More Common

Tired drivers display adverse driving behaviours as their ability to safely control a vehicle is impaired. Fatigue monitoring systems are designed to monitor any signs of driver behaviour that suggest that the driver is losing concentration and safety is being compromised.

When the system determines intervention is needed, the driver is supplied with audible and visual warnings. If the messages are ignored and the erratic driving continues the monitoring system will intervene.

Although you may not consider fatigue to be a major problem, numerous studies have shown that large numbers of serious accidents occur when drivers are less alert, such as in the early hours of the morning. Fatigue monitoring act like a co-pilot to make sure that attention levels don’t slip and the driver remains in complete control of the vehicle.

How Does Fatigue Monitoring Work?

As with other types of driver assistance technology, each manufacturer has their own approach to this technology. However, Skoda and all the other manufacturers do share the same primary philosophy. Fatigue monitoring is designed to examine driving behavior to identify any unnecessary actions, for example fluctuating speed or jerky steering movements. The system learns typical behaviour in the early part of the journey with the assumption the driver is fully alert. As the journey continues the driver behaviour is compared to this earlier data. If there are discrepancies, the alert functions will become triggered.

The Skoda Octavia fatigue monitoring system piggybacks off the data that is produced by the forward facing camera from the lane departure warning system. The position of the vehicle is monitored and compared to the data collected at the beginning of the journey, particularly increased levels of lane drifting, which is typical of drowsy drivers.

This technology has progressed a great deal since fatigue monitoring technology was first introduced. Newer systems analyse head and face movements to look for signs of fatigue such as nodding or blinking, so it’s easy to see how this technology will evolve in the years to come.

Fatigue monitoring is just one of the innovative safety features available on the Skoda Octavia. If you would like to know about the full range of features for the new Skoda Octavia for sale, Perth drivers should call in and see us. We have an impressive stock of new and preowned models and the Mandurah Skoda sales staff would be delighted to answer any queries about the Skoda Octavia, price deals and current specifations.

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