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Your Skoda Yeti For a Baby

Your Skoda Yeti For a Baby
October 25, 2017 Mandurah Skoda

How to Prepare Your Skoda Yeti For a Baby

White Skoda Yeti car traveling near the coastline

When you are expecting your first baby, there are lots of things to think about. Not only do you need to decorate the nursery and stock up on nappies, but you need to think about checking out childcare options, childproofing your home and finding a paediatrician. One of the last things you may think about is your car. So, how should you prepare your Skoda Yeti for your new baby?

Choose a Car Seat

One of the most important factors to consider for preparing your Skoda Yeti for your new baby is to choose a car seat. Safety is a major priority for your baby, but picking the right baby seat can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the current Skoda Yeti for sale features ISOFIX anchor points. The ISOFIX system is compatible with the latest child restraint technology, so you can ensure that you choose the best seat possible. You will need to choose a model that is suitable for a newborn, but there are lots of seats that can adjust to suit a growing infant. The ISOFIX system is designed to make fitting a car seat easier and safer, but if you are still unsure, call in and ask our service centre technicians for help.

Consider Roadside Assistance

While no one enjoys breaking down, when you have a crying baby in the back of your car, the situation is made even more stressful. Although the Yeti is a reliable vehicle, it is still important to think about updating your roadside assistance membership.


When you have a new baby in your car, you’ll need more than a car seat. There are also lots of accessories in your Skoda Yeti to ensure that you avoid a potential problem. You will find sunshades, screens and car toys will all come in handy. There are some practical accessories such as a mirror to check on your baby in their rear facing car seat and sunshades to protect your baby’s skin from the sun. However, there are also some car toys that can keep your baby occupied while you are concentrating on the road.

Keep the Essentials Handy

While you may have your baby bag ready for your new arrival, you should also think about the essentials you will need to carry in your Yeti. It is a good idea to keep your car stocked with blankets, sunscreen, tissues, creams, changing pad, nappies and baby wipes. Fortunately, the Yeti has plenty of cubbies, pockets and other storage solutions, so you can keep all your baby supplies neat, yet within easy reach.

If you are interested in the new Skoda Yeti car, you should speak to us. At Mandurah Skoda, we have a wide range of new and used models including Skoda Yeti. Our sales team members are here to answer any queries you may have about the Skoda Yeti, 2017 spec, and current price deals.

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